Full Workshop facilities for Service & Restoration
We are pleased to continue our Sponsorship for 2018
Australian MGB Roadster
MGB Historic Race car is now ready for sale.
Our MGA Coupe for Pre ‘63 Series
Our New MGC Roadster is now ready for sale. This car has all our special features and most parts are new. The finish on the underside is as good as the top. It has a mild road camshaft and the engine has been zero balanced, so is very smooth. It has taken nearly 9 months to get it ready for sale. This car is stunning in every respect. Phone for full details. POA.
NEW PRODUCT REPAIR YOUR WORN OUT BANJO AXLE ENDS These new ends are in EN24T and will prevent broken halfshafts by replacing the old ends where the bearings have turned. We offer a fitting service in our jig. Phone for details. 
Latest MGC Sebring replica rebuild in lhd.
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